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I have a PROVEN to work 7 steps daily sales system that I’ve been using to make a lot of sales for quite some time now

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Have You Tried Selling Your Course On Udemy & Hotmart, Or You Use Gumroad, Teachable, Kajabi etc. But You’re NOT Getting As Much Sales As You Want?

You spend money on Ads,

Get tons of visitors on your sales page,

And now you’re worried because it seems NOBODY is interested?

Sometimes you get a sale today…the next week you don’t.

Sometimes you even go broke before another sale – but over all, your marketing is just NOT working

You tried using Udemy but the big fees Udemy charges per sale is killing your profit

You’re tired, you don’t know what to do

You want to sell more of your course – but NO MATTER what strategy you implement,

That crazy flow in of sales still DON’T come in

You wish you have that one thing that can consistenly bring in sales notifications buzzing your phone everyday just like others?

Well, here’s the GOOD NEWS…

There’s A Way To ATTRACT People Looking To PAY For Your Course and Get Them To Buy FAST, And It Works ALL The Time & For ANY Industry or Niche

Another good thing is that – you DON’T need to have ANY technical skill

But WHY Should You BELIEVE EVERYTHING I Just Told You?

Well, my name is Austin Ngurukwem

and whether you believe me or not…

In these business of selling online course,

I’ve been here since 2021 when I created my first online course.

The price was $5

I tried selling on my Facebook page

Did same on my WhatsApp

Even went ahead to boost Facebook post – but only made 1 sale, and the next sale after a week

I was starting to regret all the time and effort put into creating the course

I told a friend about it and she advised me to create a sales page and run sponsored ads

I did – and when I was done with the sales page, I scheduled my Ads to run by 4am in the morning before i slept.

Only To Wake Up By 7am, Checked My Phone And Saw 4 Sales Notifications From PayStack

And before the day was over I already made 23 sales.

Unfortunately, That Was The BEGINNING Of My FAILURE, Here’s Why…

Facebook Ads cost per sale started to become more expensive and unprofitable

I would make sales and put back upto 85% of my profit into Facebook Ads

I had to increase the price to $27

Then it looked like it started to see good profit and after a few days again – the Ads cost became a threat to my life.

I couldn’t bear it anymore – so I turned off the Ads

Until I Discovered The 7 Steps Daily Sales System – And Plugged In My Course Details

Left the price at $27

Setup my Ads again and sales started dropping daily like never before

At this time I already opted for Stripe and PayPal which made me received payments easier.

And the rest is history.

If you wish to make a lot of course sales everyday, then trust me,

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This Is The Most Simplest (and Yet) Effective Sales System That Brings In Thousands Of Dollars Monthly In Course Sales For I and My Clients Using Just 7 Steps

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3 Tips To Make Your Offers Irresistible:

“How To Make Your Offers So Good For People To Say Yes To”

The ONE THING that will help you sell more stuffs by far is your OFFER – It’s not what you sales letter, it’s not the sales system.

Obviously all these are important – but nothing beats the OFFER itself.

I’ll show you the 3 tips that will help you make people feel stupid not to take your offer – Yours For FREE.

Bonus #2

Lead Magnet Advantage:

“The Best Types Of Bait You Can Use to Attract People Looking To Pay For Your Offer”

What you need to attract those looking to pay for your offer is a bait (lead magnet as being called) – and how good your bait is determine the amount of sales you’ll get.

In the lead magnet advantage you’ll discover the best lead magnet ideas you can create to generate tons of leads (people who has shown interest in your offer) that’ll convert to sales – Yours For FREE.

Bonus #3

The Traffic Generator:

“How To Generate Quality Traffic To Your Sales System”

The amount of sales you’ll get is proportional to the amount of traffic you bring to your sales system daily.

I’ll show you the most effective methods to drive quality traffic that converts to sales fast – Yours For FREE.

Bonus #4

5 Framing & Positioning Methods:

“5 Ways To Position Yourself To Make People Want To Buy Whatever You Sell”

People buy YOU first (when they see you as the right person to solve their problem) before they buy your offer.

and the only way to do that is to position yourself the right way – but how can you do that?

I’ll show you 5 simplest ways to position yourself to make people want to buy whatever you sell – Yours For FREE.

Bonus #5

15 Framing & Positioning Examples Swipefile

“15 Positioning Examples You Can Swipe & Use In Your Content”

To save you the stress and guess work trying to come up with what to say and how to say it to position yourself to make people want to buy from you.

I’ll give you 15 positioning examples you can adjust into your content fast – Yours For FREE.

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